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„I loved the DVD, it was very educational. I actually live in the USA in the state of South Carolina and bought the DVD in my local town of Irmo at a store called Fins. The man who runs the place was a big promoter of yours and I appreciate it because I really did not envy the idea of sitting down and reading a ton of books just to decide if I were interested in the hobby or not. My wife also loved the video. I am leaning toward the Max 250 but if I enjoy it I will likely set up a larger system down the road.”

- Chris LoPresti

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Low power tanks!


It is amazing how much electricity prices are rising!

I have had very disappointed customers get rid of their aquariums because of power costs only to find that their electricity prices are still very high even once it is gone.

You can check what your tank costs to by finding out what your rates are.

The average price to run 1w...


Help Stop Shark-Finning!!


Help Stop Shark-Finning!! Here at Majestic Aquariums we are passionate about stopping shark finning!

Use your voice and your spending habits to help stop it!

How is it possible that something soo brutal is still so common?

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Any Product, Best Price!


Any Product, Best Price! Looking for the best price on tropical fish, aquariums and aquarium supplies online? Buy from someone that you know and trust, at the price that you want!

If you find any item at a better advertised price then send us an email and we will try to match it for you! Any product at any price is our commitment.

We match all prices but no...


Majestic on youtube!


Majestic on youtube! Have you seen our new YouTube channel?

Subscribe to our YouTube channel now for some of the coolest instructional videos on the web!

To find our channel search for majesticvideos1 in YouTube or visit

We regularly upload...


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