Water Testing

What is your water parameters like?

Are your fish suffering or thriving?

In many cases people experience `weird, unexpected` mass death of their fish, and they don`t understand why.

Well, one big, big reason is that the fish has slowly been `poisoned` over time, their body weakening as they are forced to deal with wrong water parameters for days, or weeks, or months on end.

Fish comes from many places - lakes, oceans, rivers, ponds, and so on. Each place has its own water parameters, and can be vastly different from each other.

For example, many tetra prefer acidic water, whilst many livebearers prefer alkaline water.

Placing the fish in the wrong sort of water can obviously lead to dire consequences.

And it`s not just pH - kH, gH, salinity, temperature, everything plays a factor. Goldfish and other carp-related species prefer cold water, and so do Axolotls. But many other fish prefers warm water. Obviously, fish from the ocean likes salty water, and fish from lakes and rivers - not quite so. Putting a fish in the `wrong` water parameters will eventually lead to disaster.

At Majestic Aquariums, we understand the importance of keeping your water parameters right for your fish, and so we offer FREE water testing. Our advice comes from a pool of knowledge that in itself stems from experiences with keeping all sorts of aquatic creatures.

We can and will suggest alterations to improve your water parameters, to suit your fish. Many times, this will involve the addition of certain products (Majestic Aquariums Water Conditioner, kH buffer or conditioning salt) that we will be able to pull off our shelves. It is important to obtain these products specifically, as these are carefully designed for different species of fish, and our instructions are specific for these products.