Ultimate Aquacare Phosphate Remover 250ml - ONLY $8.95!

Ultimate Aquacare Phosphate Remover 250ml - ONLY $8.95!

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Phosphate Remover
Phosphate is present in food, faeces
and many other sources. In nature
it combines with Nitrate to start
a natural process where a water
source is (eventually) converted
into land called eutrophication.
When concentrations of Nitrate and
Phosphate are significantly high
it leads to massive algal blooms
which creates turbidity and covers
surfaces by unwanted algae within
your aquarium. This slows down
the photosynthesis rate of corals
which may lead to decreased growth
and (in extreme cases) death. Our
active ingredient precipitates out the
Phosphate in a chemical reaction
which removes it from the water and
into the existing filtration system.
Recommended Phosphate level is
0.03 to 0.06ppm.
Sizes available:
ï phoreml250 - 250ml
ï phoreml500 - 500ml
ï phoreml1000 - 1 Litre


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