Ultimate Aquacare Nitrate Remover 500ml

Ultimate Aquacare Nitrate Remover 500ml

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Nitrate Remover
Nitrate is found in fish faeces,
food and other organic material.
The organic material contains
amino acids which decompose
in the liver; forming urea. Once it
leaves the fish it is converted to
ammonia by microbes which when
in water, changes to ammonium.
The ammonium is converted to
Nitrate which is then transformed
into nitrogen gas which eventually
escapes into the atmosphere. How
this process occurs is through
denitrifying bacteria. The way to
help provide the necessary culture
conditions is generally through a
deep sand bed, filter medium or
porous rock. Nitrate levels below
5ppm will help provide a healthy
environment for your aquarium
Sizes available:
ï nitreml250 - 250ml
ï nitreml500 - 500ml
ï nitreml1000 - 1 Litre


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