Ultimate Aquacare Kalkwasser 1kg

Ultimate Aquacare Kalkwasser 1kg

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Calcium is a major constituent
in your marine aquarium with
recommended concentrations
around 410-450ppm. These levels
must be maintained to help with
the function of fish, coral and many
other wanted inhabitants. To keep
inhabitants healthy a pH of around
8.1-8.5 is recommended. When
there are available carbonates
present, the Calcium ions react
with them to form Calcium
carbonate, this is then taken up by
corals, snails, crabs to help build
and repair their skeletal structures.
When wanting to increase both
Calcium and pH a Calcium
hydroxide-based supplement such
as Kalkwasser is recommended.
Sizes available:
ï kalkp1000 - 1 kg

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