Ultimate Aquacare Iron Manganese + other Trace 500ml

Ultimate Aquacare Iron Manganese + other Trace 500ml

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Iron, Manganese
(+ Other Trace)
Iron and Manganese are both trace
elements found in seawater. Iron
with a recommended concentration
of 0.1-0.3ppm and Manganese
with a relative concentration to
iron (found in various species of
algae) of 4%, gives a recommended
concentration 0.004-0.012ppm.
Iron and Manganese are used by
organelles found in plant cells called
chloroplasts. These chloroplasts
capture the U.V rays, which allows
the organism to use glucose to
make molecules such as Adenosine
Tri-Phosphate (ATP) and use them
for energy. Chloroplasts are found in
organisms such as coralline algae,
phytoplankton, corals, micro algae,
macro algae and zooxanthellae. Iron
and Manganese help with the growth
and health of these organisms.
Sizes available:
ï iroman+l250 - 250ml
ï iroman+l500 - 500ml


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