Ultimate Aquacare Iodine 500ml

Ultimate Aquacare Iodine 500ml

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Iodine levels are measured in
2 different ions: the Iodide (I-)
and Iodate (IO3
-). These ions are
generally referred to as Iodine.
The level of Iodine that is needed
by your marine aquarium is
around 0.06ppm. Unfortunately
with the use of protein skimmers,
absorption by organisms and
other influences; these levels are
often not reached. Corals and
algae use Iodine to help create
protective pigments which aid in
the protection of excess U.V rays.
They both rely heavily upon U.V
rays to conduct processes such as
photosynthesis; making it essential
to maintain adequate Iodine levels.
Sizes available:
ï iodil250 - 250ml
ï iodil500 - 500ml


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