Ultimate Aquacare Foundation 250ml

Ultimate Aquacare Foundation 250ml

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Foundation is a combination
of Calcium and Carbonates,
although it does contain significant
concentrations of both these ions,
it should not be used as a primary
dosing supplement for either of
them. As a result, a maximum dose
of 4mL/100L/day is recommended.
Foundation is primarily designed to
help promote coralline algae growth
when both Nitrate and Phosphate
are at recommended levels. The
added benefit of Foundation is it
contains Calcium gluconate; this
compound helps provide a direct
energy source for wanted organisms
such as corals and coralline algae.
This helps stimulate growth. Calcium
with recommended concentrations
of around 410-450ppm and Alkalinity
with recommended concentrations
of around 125-215ppm (7-12dKH)
are both major constituents in your
marine aquarium.
Sizes available:
ï foundl250 - 250ml
ï foundl500 - 500ml


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