Thrive C Clam Kit

Thrive C Clam Kit

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Thrive C Clam Kit


Thrive C Clam Kit

Blood sucking snails, protozoans, and stinging anemones can all find harbor in your aquarium courtesy that new clam you just bought. Luckily, Thrive s Clam Kit has the tools and information you need to eradicate these pests and properly acclimate two clams to your tank. Your new clams will thank you later.

Two ceramic clam holders provide a contoured, hard substrate for your clams to attach onto. This means that you can easily move them for lighting acclimation, aquarium cleaning, or treatment without damaging their byssal threads.

Each kit includes instructions (for acclimation, disease prevention, and treatment), an acclimation tube, 2 clam holders, a cleaning brush, and ammonia neutralizer for acclimation.

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