Thrive 1 Alkalinity Refill 20.3 oz (600ml)

Thrive 1 Alkalinity Refill 20.3 oz (600ml)

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Thrive 1 Alkalinity Refill 20.3 oz (600ml)



Highly concentrated supplement increases pH alkalinity and coral growth in marine aquariums. Thrive Aquatics Thrive 1 Alkalinity is a saturate solution of 99.8% pure carbonates bicarbonates and borate formulated at 9 656 dKH. Uniquely strong alkalinity supplement offers an eco-friendly choice by reducing packaging waste and is available in a fully recyclable aluminum bottle that can be refilled and reused. Thrive Aquatics simplifies accurate alkalinity supplementation with their online tool Thrive Analytics . This complementary tool prescribes customized dosing information and recommendations based on current tank parameters you input to help maintain a balanced and healthy saltwater aquatic system. Use Thrive Analytics for the most accurate and informed dosing of Thrive 1 Alkalinity. NOTE: Each ml of Thrive 1 Alkalinity will increase the alkalinity in 1 gallon of water by 2.61 dKH. Do not over dose. Do not raise Alkalinity more than 1 dKH per day. Shop all Buffers for Saltwater and Reef Aquariums.

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