The Water Cleanser 400g Block (1000-9000L)

The Water Cleanser 400g Block

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The Water Cleanser 400g Block (1000-9000L)


By Marine Easy Clean

The Water Cleanser brings the enjoyment back into having ponds, watergarden features, aquarium fish tanks and swimming pools by keeping your aquarium, pool and pond clear. This clean water treatment clears dirty cloudy water and algae in salt water or fresh water.

Unlike other products, the Water Cleanser stops waste from producing toxins during the break down process, which leaves you with crystal clear water. The Marine Easy Clean Water Cleanser is safe for plants and fish.

Pond / Tank Size (high flow area)
1Kgup to 30,000L
400gup to 9,000L
90gup to 200L
Use more of this product for a low flow pond or tank. If unsure, it's safe to use more.

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