Tadpole Kit Glass 30 X 30 X 30cm

Tadpole Kit Glass 30 X 30 X 30cm

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- The ideal starter kit for up to 15 tadpoles

- Provides a fun educational experience for children to witness the lifecycle of tadpole to frog

- Everything you need is included in the kit ñ just add the tadpoles!

- Includes smooth ceramic substrate that will not irritate or damage the soft bodies of tadpoles in search for food

- Artificial plant provides a decorative touch and hiding area

- Includes easy to follow instructions and care sheet to ensure the best maintenance for raising tadpoles

Tadpole kit includes:

  • 1x glass enclosure with lid
  • 1x dry landing platform
  • 1x filter and pump
  • 1x water conditioner
  • 1x flake food
  • 1x artificial plant
  • 1x instructions

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