Salt Aquarium System Reef Crystals 25kg Bucket

Salt Aquarium System Reef Crystals 25kg Bucket

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Aquarium Systems Reef Crystals, an enriched sea salt mixture, contains a supplementary dose of calcium, vitamins and selected trace elements. Developed for use in refined reef tanks, it was the first enriched sea salt formulation available to amateurs. The introduction of important compounds at higher concentrations than in natural seawater ensures longer availability of the substances assimilated and quickly used up in a flourishing reef aquarium. A special additive helps to eliminate surplus heavy metals, like copper, which are often found at excessive levels in flourishing reef aquariums. Each batch is analysed to guarantee ist composition and uniformity.
Aquarium Systems Reef Crystals Element levels at different salinities:
  • 1020: Calcium: 415 mg/l, Magnesium: 1081 mg/l, CH: 8.4∞d
  • 1022: CalCium: 440 mg/l, Magnesium: 1140 mg/l, CH: 9.1∞d
  • 1024: CalCium: 450 mg/l, Magnesium: 1275 mg/l, CH: 9.1∞d


  • 2 kg for 60 litres
  • 25 kg for 750 litres

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