Rio 14HF PH 3190 L/hr 3m MH/h

Rio 14HF PH 3190 L/hr 3m MH/h

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The Rio Hyper Flow delivers a high flow rate with tremendous pressure capability, it is quiet to operate. The fully submersible Rio can be used with wet-dry filtration, protein skimmers, water gardens, ponds, waterfalls, fountains. For use in both freshwater and saltwater enviroments.

Some major benefits of the Rio Hyperflow system:

  • High flow rates.
  • Low heat operation and are designed to be energy efficient, keeping electric bill low.
  • The impeller incorporates a rare earth magnet and a ceramic shaft.
  • Durable high impact plastic makes the pump relible and long lasting.

Good water circulation is critical to maintaining a healthy environment. The RioÆ Hyper FlowTM delivers high performance at an affordable price. This compact, highly efficient pump uses Neopower magnetic vortex rotor blade technology to pump more gallons per watt than any same-size external pumps. Rare-earth compounds pack power into a neatly compact pump. Cool and efficient operation keeps energy costs low. The ceramic shaft offers strength and resistance to corrosion. High-impact plastic construction makes RioÆ Hyper FlowTM durable and reliable. The RioÆ Hyper FlowTM is fully submersible and offers the best-performance water pump on the market.

Designed For freshwater and marine environments, the RioÆ Hyper Flowô can be used with:

  • Wet/dry filtration
  • Venturi protein skimmers
  • Undergravel filtering systems
  • Water gardens and ponds
  • Waterfalls and fountains

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