Red Sea S Series 400

Red Sea S Series 400

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Red Sea S Series 400

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ed Sea has added popular reef aquarium features with the aquarium - a full sized sump including overflow pluming and return pump. This is completely different than the Max series which included the filtration behind the tank in an easy for ease of manufacture. Red Sea has also added to the Max S
 Series a spot for your chiller including plumbing connections. 

Protein skimming will be accomplished by Red Sea's own C-Skim Protein Skimmer located in the sump below the tank. 

Included lighting is stated to be a very powerful 10 lamp T5 combination (5 x 10K + 5 x actinic) plus LED moonlights to get your fish and corals in the proper mood. 

Comes in black, white, graphite, silver, merlot and ultramarine! Please select your color before checking out!

Overall Dimensions: 105cm L x 70cm W x 168cm H 
Tank Volume: 400L


Important Notice:

These aquariums are currently only available for order via direct contact with Majestic Aquariums support.
Please do not purchase these aquariums online, as extra shipping charges apply.
Please call Majestic Aquariums at 02 9525 3474, or email us at more information.


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