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Price Match Policy

If you see any of our products listed on a reputable Australia retail website for a lower total price (including the cost of delivery) , please contact us on 02 9525 3474 or at shop@majesticaquariums.com.au for a price match. The product must be identical and in stock. The Price Match Policy excludes online auction sites and Grey Import sites.  For more information on Price Matching please email us at shop@majesticaquariums.com.au


Dry Stock Shipping Process

Majestic Aquarium offers shipping to any location in Australia. 

Our Standard Delivery service to Australia is a flat rate of $9.95. If you live in NT, WA and SA please email us first to confirm the shipping costs as we don’t have an onsite freight calculator yet. 

Once your order has been dispatched, you’ll receive an email containing your tracking information.  Please allow for up to 5 days for delivery for Metro orders and 9 business days to the rest of Australia. 

For purchases of tanks and other products that are overly heavy or bulky, please contact us for a delivery quote prior to placing your order. This is to avoid any unexpected costs or disappointment on any extra shipping charges that the item may incur. Please ensure to quote your postcode on any correspondence with relation to a delivery quote.

We will do everything possible for you to get your order as quick and painlessly as possible.

Please understand that as we have over 11,000 products on our site it is impossible for us to carry them all in stock so we are relying on our supplier to be able to provide them to us in a timely manner to ensure you get your order. Please email us as you get questions.

Refunds will be issued for any order that cannot be filled in an agreeable time. 

We do not ship outside of Australia.

Live Fish Shipping Process

Live Fish Shipping Process

Before placing any order on Live Stock please contact us to check the availability of each fish. Stock and availability changes on a weekly basis, so to avoid disappointment or any delay on your order it is advised to check the availbility prior to placing your order. Majestic Aquariums will not accept responsibility for delayed orders if stock availability is not confirmed prior to the order being placed.

Live stock orders are ONLY shipped on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. All orders are sent via a courier service and can be shipped to your home, work or any other physical address. Once your order has been dispatched, you’ll receive a email containing your tracking information. If nobody is available to sign for your order, our couriers are instructed to leave the package in a safe place. Please be aware we cannot ship fish to PO Boxes. 

Our Standard Delivery service is a flat rate of $9.95 charged on all other orders. This delivery service is only available for the following locations:

  • Sydney Metro Area
  • Newcastle, Central Coast
  • Wollongong, Blue Mountains 
  • North Richmond
  • Canberra
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane, Goldcoast
If you live ourside of these areas, please contact us prior to placing your order as we may need to arrange an airport to airport service which is subject to extra charges. Please quote your postcode on all correspondance for an accurate shipping quote.

All of our fish are packed with the greatest of care. They are packed in insulated foam boxes with plenty of oxygen to ensure that they will arrive to you both happy and healthy. During the colder months, we will also include specialised heat packs to ensure the fish have a consistent temperature and are kept comfortable. 


  • We do not ship outside of Australia.
  • Koi are illegal in most states in Australia. Please check with your states regulations prior to placing your order.
  • Western Australia customers are subject to a Quarantine Inspection Fee.
  • Western Australia customer cannot order live plants, snails or mussels - Fines can apply
  • Tasmanian customers are not able to receive Live Stock.
  • NT customers must have a permit before we can ship any live stock.


Returns and DOA's

Dry Stock

Majestic Aquariums is unable to offer refunds due to a change of mind- Store credit or an exchange will be offered. The store credit will be for the cost of the product less any shipping charges. All products must be returned within 14 days of receipt.

To place a request for a return please email shop@majesticaquariums.com.au. The email must include your Name, Order Number, Reason for the return and whether you would like a store credit or exchange. The item must be returned in the original shipping carton.  Products cannot be returned opened/used. Send any returns to Majestic Aquariums, 7/120-126 Taren Point Rd, Taren Point, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Please keep a record of shipment until you have received credit or replacement merchandise. 

Returns or exchanges are not offered on lighting tubes, globes or UVC tubes.

If you receive you item faulty or damaged please contact Majestic Aquariums with images and as much information on the damage to the product. A Majestic Aquariums Staff Member will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Live Stock

Due to the complicated nature of packing and shipping procedures involved in handling live stock, unfortunately we cannot accept any returns on live stock so please select carefully.

If anything is missing from your order or if you have any dead on arrival (DOA's) please take a photo of the fish inside the original shipping bag and email it to shop@majesticaquariums.com.au and we will arrange either a refund or store credit for you - whichever you prefer.

Please ensure that you email contains as much information as possible including: Name, Order Number, Species of DOA, Number of DOA's and Whether you would prefer a refund or a store credit. Please be aware that Freight costs are Non-refundable and are not able to be claimed.


FREE Water Tests

At Majestic Aquariums, we are committed to the success of your aquarium.

To assist you with the care of your aquarium Majestic Aquariums offer FREE water tests. To get your water tested for free please bring a sample of your aquarium water instore.

It is recommended that prior to adding any new fish to your aquarium you always get your water tested. 

Majestic Aquariums believe that education is the key to a successful aquarium!



Aquarium rentals

Majestic Aquariums can arrange rental agreements which will allow you to have a wonderful aquarium in your home or office.

Pop in and see us any time for a quote.


Take Home Layby with Ezi-pay

Majestic Aquariums also offer Ezi-pay Express payment options. All your repayments can be easily managed with a direct debit payment plan. This makes buying an aquarium easier than ever!

Many people are very concerned about budgets now, so with Ezi-pay you don’t have to wait to enjoy your new hobby. It costs you nothing, to pay off your tank whether it`d be over 10 or 48 months.

See terms and conditions.

Example 1 - If you wish to buy a $2000 aquarium you pay:
$500 deposit then $35.71 a week for 10 months.

You may not have $2000 in your pocket but you may be comfortable with $35.71 a week to enjoy your own aquarium.

Example 2 - If you wish to buy a $4000 aquarium you pay:
$1000 deposit then $38.46 a week for 20 months.

This option makes a Majestic Aquarium a reality to everyone.

Marine Live Stock Availability

Majestic Aquariums is a catalogue-based online store, which means that not all stock are always available. This is also true with our marine live stock. However, for your ease of purchase, we have compiled a list of commonly available marine live stock. There are two lists. The first is an 'Always Available' list, which details species that are in store, or if not, can be readily ordered within the week (order by Tuesday for the stock to arrive by Thursday). The other list is the 'Generally Available' list, which is a list of products that are generally easily available - if not within the week, then within the month.

Always Available

Pachyclavularia violacea Purple Star Polyp/Mat
Sarcophyton species Toadstool Soft Coral
Acanthastrea echinata Pineapple Coral
Acropora species Cushion Coral
Blastomussa wellsi Posy Coral
Caulastrea species Candycane coral
Cynarina lacrymalis Cushion coral
Duncanopsammia axifuga Tree Coral
Euphyllia ancora Hammer Coral
Euphyllia divisa Frogspawn Coral
Euphyllia glabrescens Torch Coral
Favia species Moon Coral
Favites species Moon Coral
Fungia granulosa Flat Disc Mushroom
Goniopora stokesi Golfball Coral
Lobophyllia pachysepta Flecked Brain Coral
Platygyra species Grooved Plate Brain Coral
Plerogyra sinuosa Large Bubble Coral
Symphyllia species Grooved Brain Coral
Trachyphyllia geoffroyi Nudibranch Coral
Ricordea species Bubble Mushroom
Entacmaea quadricolor Bubble Anemones
Holothuria edulis Burnt Sausage Seaslug
Pentacta anceps Pink Sea Apple
Cypraea arabica Arabica Cowrie
Lambis lambis Spider Shell
Gomphia watsoni Rough Starfish
Linckia laevigata Blue Linckia Starfish
Ophiarachna incrassata Green Brittlestars
Protoreaster sp Thorny Starfish
Echinometra mathaei Shortspined Sea Urchin
Tripneustes gratilla Decorator Urchin
Hemiscyllium ocellatum Epaulette Shark
Acanthochromis polyacanthus Spiny Chromis
Chrysiptera taupou Fijian Damsel
Dascyllus aruanus Humbugs
Neoglyphidodon melas Bowtie Damsel
Pomacentrus coelestis Neon Damsel
Apogon notatus Spotnape Cardinal
Rabaulichthys squirei Coral Sea Sailfin Anthias
Centropyge bicolor Bicolour Angel
Centropyge bispinosus Coral Beauty
Pomacanthus imperator Emperor Angelfish
Chaetodon aureofasciatus Golden Striped Butterfly
Chaetodon auriga Threadfin Butterfly
Chaetodon baronessa Triangular Butterfly
Chaetodon citrinellus Speckled Butterfly
Chaetodon mertensii Mertens Butterfly
Chaetodon plebeius Blue-spot Butterfly
Chaetodon trifasciatus Redfin Butterfly
Heniochus chrysostomus Pennant Bannerfish
Heniochus monoceros Masked Bannerfish
Cirrhilabrus laboutei Magenta-streaked Wrasse
Coris dorsomacula Pale Bar Coris
Gomphosus varius Birdnose Wrasse
Oxycheilinus bimaculatus Two Spot Wrasse
Pseudocheilinus evanidus Disappearing Wrasse
Pseudodax mollucanus Blue Streaked Wrasse
Thalassoma jansenii Jansens Wrasse
Acanthurus nigricans Teardrop/Gold Rim Tang
Acanthurus olivaceus Orange-spot Tang
Acanthurus pyroferus Mimic Tang
Paracanthurus hepatus Blue Tangs
Siganus doliatus Barred Rabbitfish
Ecsenius mandibularis Queensland Blenny
Ecsenius stictus Great Barrier Reef Blenny
Assessor macneilli Blue Assessor
Balistoides conspicillum Clown Triggerfish
Paraluteres prionurus Valentini Mimic Filefish
Scolopsis bilineatus Bridled Monacle Bream
Lutjanus kasmira Bluelined Seaperch

Generally Available

Capnella species Finger Coral
Clavularia species Palm Tree Soft Coral
Dendronephthya species Thistle Coral
Lobophyton crassum Roosters Comb Soft Coral
Sinularia species Branching Tree Coral
Sympodium species Blue Sympodium
Xenia species Pulsating Flower Corals
Zoanthus species Zoanthids
Alveopora species Flower Pot Coral
Blastomussa merleti Nano Posy Coral
Catalaphyllia jardinei Elegance Coral
Cycloseris cyclolites Small Domed Mushrooms
Distichopora species Lace Coral
Echinophyllia species Chalice Coral
Favia rosaria Prism Favia
Favites pentagona Aussie War Coral
Fungia repanda Purple Flecked Mushroom
Fungia simplex Slipper Mushroom
Galaxea fascicularis Galaxy/Starburst Coral
Goniastrea species Green-eyed Brain
Goniopora species Daisy Coral
Heliofungia actiniformis Long Tentacle Mushroom
Herpolitha limax Slipper Coral
Heteropsammia cochlea Green Knucklebone Coral
Hydnophora exesa Fluorescent Horn Coral
Hydnophora rigida Branching Horn Coral
Leptoseris species Pygmy Cabbage Coral
Lobophyllia species Lobed Brain Coral
Merulina ampliata Ruffled Plate Coral
Mycedium elephantotus Peacock Coral
Oulophyllia bennettae Grooved Brain Coral
Pachyseris species Corduroy Coral
Pectinia alcicornis Carnation Coral
Physogyra lichtensteini Small Bubble Coral
Plesiastrea versipora Eyed Brain
Stylaster species Fine Lace Coral
Tubastraea micrantha Midnight Daisy Coral
Tubastraea species Sunflower Coral
Tubipora musica Red Organ Pipe Coral
Turbinaria frondens Cabbage Coral
Turbinaria peltata Cabbage Coral
Turbinaria reniformis Cabbage Coral
Discosoma sp Corallimorph
Cryptodendrum adhaesivum Adhesive Anemone
Dardanus pedunculatus Anemone Hermit Crab
Lissocarcinus laevis Harlequin Anemone Crab
Holothuria atra Black Sausage Seaslug
Holothuria hilla White spotted Sea Cucumber
Stichopus chloronotus Prickly Black Sea Cucumber
Cypraea tigris Tiger Cowrie Shells
Cypraea vitellus Deer Cowrie
Haliotis asinina Tropical Abalone
Lysmata amboinensis Red Line Cleaner Shrimp
Lysmata debelius Blood Shrimp
Lysmata vittata Peppermint Shrimp
Periclimenes brevicarpalis Imperial Anemone Shrimp
Stenopus hispidus Coral Banded Shrimp
Choriaster granulatis Kentia Starfish
Culcita novaguineae Cushion Starfish
Fromia indica Red Starfish
Halityle regularis Flat Cushion Star
Nardoa novaecaledoniae Orange Starfish
Pentaceraster species Penta Star
Echinothrix calamaris Banded Urchin
Gymnothorax undulatus Undulated Moray
Hippocampus kuda Tropical Seahorse (CITES)
Abudefduf sexfasciatus Scissortail Sergeant
Amblyglyphidodon aureus Golden Damsel
Chromis nitida Barrier Reef Chromis
Chromis viridis Green Chromis
Chrysiptera starcki Starcks Damsel
Dascyllus trimaculatus Domino Damsel
Lepidozygus tapeinosoma Purple Chromis
Neopomacentrus azysron Yellow Tail Damsel
Neopomacentrus cyanomos Regal Damsel
Pomacentrus amboinensis Yellow Ambon Damsel
Pomacentrus moluccensis Lemon Damsel
Pomacentrus pavo Blue Damsel
Amphiprion akindynos Barrier Reef Clownfish
Amphiprion perideraion Pink Anemonefish
Premnas biaculeatus Maroon Clowns
Pseudanthias cf aurulentus Golden Anthias
Pseudanthias cooperi Flame Basslet
Pseudanthias dispar Twotone Anthias
Pseudanthias hypselosoma Stocky Anthias
Pseudanthias pascalus Amethyst Anthias
Pseudanthias pleurotaenia Square-Block Anthias
Pseudanthias squamipinnis Lyretail Anthias
Apolemichthys trimaculatus Blue Lip/Flagfin Angel
Centropyge heraldi Heralds Angelfish
Centropyge vroliki Pearl Scale Angel
Chaetodontoplus meredithi Personifer Angel
Genicanthus watanabei Watanabes Angelfish
Chaetodon ephippium Saddled Butterfly
Chaetodon kleinii Kleins Butterfly
Chaetodon melannotus Blackback Butterfly
Chaetodon pelewensis Dot & Dash Butterfly
Chaetodon rainfordi Rainfords Butterfly
Chaetodon trifascialis Chevroned Butterfly
Chaetodon vagabundus Vagabonds Butterfly
Chelmon rostratus Copperband Butterfly
Forcipiger flavissimus Forceps Fish
Hemitaurichthys polylepis Pyramid Butterfly
Heniochus singularius Singular Bannerfish
Zanclus cornutus Moorish Idol
Anampses neoguinaicus New Guinea Wrasse
Aspidontus taeniatus False Cleanerfish
Bodianus axillaris Three-spot Hogfish
Cheilinus fasciatus Red Breasted Maori Wrasse
Cirrhilabrus exquisitus Exquisite Fairy Wrasse
Cirrhilabrus lineatus Purple Lined Fairy Wrasse
Cirrhilabrus scottorum Rainbow Fairy Wrasse
Epibulus insidiator Slingjaw Wrasse
Halichoeres margaritaceus Pink-Belly Wrasse
Halichoeres melanurus Bluetail Wrasse
Hemigymnus melapterus Half & half Wrasse
Labroides bicolor Bicolour Cleaner
Labroides dimidiatus Cleaner Wrasse
Labropsis australis Tubelip Wrasse
Novaculichthys taeniourus Reindeer/Rockmover Wrasse
Oxycheilinus orientalis Slender Wrasse
Pseudocoris aurantiofasciata Whiteband Torpedo Wrasse
Thalassoma lunare Lunare Wrasse
Thalassoma lutescens Yellow Lunar Wrasse
Acanthurus nigrofuscus Chocolate Surgeonfish
Ctenochaetus binotatus Twospot Bristletooth Tang
Ctenochaetus striatus Lined Bristletooth Tang
Naso lituratus Lipstick Tang
Zebrasoma scopas Midnight Sailfin Tang
Siganus corallinus Coral Rabbitfish
Nemateleotris magnifica Fire Goby
Ptereleotris zebra Pink Barred Zebra Goby
Ecsenius bicolor Bicolor Blenny
Ecsenius tigris Tiger Blenny
Pictichromis paccagnellae Royal Dottyback
Pseudochromis fuscus Yellow Dottyback
Pervagor alternans Yellow-Eyed Leatherjacket
Sufflamen chrysopterus Flagtail Triggerfish
Canthigaster valentini Valentini Puffer
Cirrhitichthys falco Dwarf Hawkfish
Neocirrhitus armatus Flame Hawk
Paracirrhites forsteri Blacksided Hawkfish
Plotosus lineatus Striped Coral Cats
Caesio cuning Yellowtail Fusilier
Pterocaesio digramma Two -Stripe Fusilier
Parupeneus ciliatus Cardinal Goatfish
Pterois antennata Ragged Fin Lionfish
Scorpaenopsis diabolus Devil Scorpionfish
Lutjanus quinquelineatus Five-lined Seaperch
Lutjanus vitta Darkstripe Seaperch
Trachinotus blochi Snub-Nosed Dart