As retailers it is our job to offer the customers with the best fish keeping experience possible. Allowing the customers to have the healthiest fish in the cleanest tank possible has to be our goal!

Low quality and bulk fish food is our enemy!

We should always aim to offer every customer with the best quality fish food possible. This is because high quality foods are healthier and cleaner than cheaper foods. High quality fish food will improve the experience that the customer will have with their fish and the hobby, because the immune system of their fish will be so much higher and the fish will be more robust and easier to keep. This is because the food will offer an even balance of all of the ratios of vitamins, trace elements and nutrients that they require. These specific ratios are set at the absorption rate of fish, giving them everything that they need and nothing that they don’t.

It is amazing when you study fish digestion and find out that all fish basically require the same ratios of vitamins, trace elements and nutrients. It is actually the way that they process the food that varies from one type of fish to the next. Fish have different ways of processing food because in times of scarcity every type of fish has had to evolve to be able to take advantage of unique feeding niches available in their natural environment. Every fish is perfectly adapted to survive in the natural environment in which it came from.

Meaty foods offer fish the protein that they need but normally lack all essential vitamins and trace elements, while green foods offer vitamins but they are not able to be processed by most fish.

Just because the fish enjoy eating a food it does not mean that the food is actually good for the fish, many foods pass right though the fish, polluting the water without offering them any benefits at all.

High quality foods offer an even balance of vitamins, trace elements and nutrients so only very small amounts are required, so the fish remain healthier and the tank remains cleaner with lower nitrate and phosphate levels. Fish fed on low quality foods require more quantity to hold a healthy body shape and the tank will need to be cleaned more often due to increased waste.

Our aim as retailers really needs to be to offer the customers with the best quality food possible. We owe it to our customers to ensure that every customer gets the best food possible regardless of what type of fish they have. Every fish keeper will appreciate having healthier fish with a stronger immune system and amazingly better colour.

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By Paul Talbot