Did you know that many of the fish and corals that you keep in your aquarium can potentially sting you e.g. Lionfish, Fox face, Rabbit fish and fire coral?

These fish have poisonous spines in their fins which if prick you will inject you with a neurotoxin that will course sever pain.

If you do ever get stung place the effected area in hot water. The hot water will break down the neurotoxin and the pain will stop. Ensure the water is very hot to touch but not hot enough to damage your skin! Once you apply the hot water you will forget about the sting, once you can’t stand the hot remove the hot water and the pain for the sting will be gone too.

Many corals contain self defensive nematocysts stinging cells so be careful when handling live coral. It is best to handle them from their stony base.

If you get stung by a coral rinse the sting area in the tank of saltwater. Don`t rub the area or use fresh water to rinse it because you will activate more stinging cells, causing a more painful sting.