Make sure you dose Turtle calcium and Turtle kH when ever you do a water change!


Make sure you replace your UVB tube at least yearly and make sure the light goes straight into the tank and not through a glass lid or plastic cover or the UV will lost.


Turtle go great with Cichlids, mine are as happy as Larry!


Make sure the Turtles have a place where they can get out of the water. You will never see them out of the water when they are young!

Be careful that your water is not too deep when the turtle is young or it make drown.


I feed my Turtle Spectrum pellets because they love it and it keeps the water soo clean!


It is best to feed the Turtle on a tray of water out of the tank, this will help keep the tank cleaner.


As they get bigger put them out in a garden pond, they love it outside!