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Freshwater mussels are a great filter feeder that helps to filter your tank and are great to watch moving around at night. We find they are happy in temperatures from cold to up to 30 degrees.

Mark Jelic

Tiny Yabbies are great to watch and excellent to clean up your tank, but you must remove them before they get large enough to eat your fish.

Christina Jelic

When you clean your filter make sure that you don`t use tap water, the chlorine in the tap water will kill the bacteria in the filter.

Also make sure that you don`t use tap water to fill up the filter when you are finished the clean.

I made this mistake and lost a few fish!

Keep treated tap water away from your filters.

Paul Sharp

I had an Oscar that was getting hole in the head disease, I fed him bloodworms, prawn and whitebait. Paul explained to me that this diet is full of protein and lacks vitamins. I could not feed him pellets because he will not eat them even if I don’t feed him for a week. Paul told me to push Spectrum pellets through the flesh of the prawns and whitebait. This was great because the Oscar would then eat the spectrum and not even notice. I slowly increased the amount of spectrum in the meat until now the Oscar will eat the Spectrum pellets because it is used to the taste. My Oscars is now healthy and happy and the hole in the head is gone and my tank is cleaner than ever!

James Andrews

I place a bit of polyfilter in the filter and replace it when it turns black.

The polyfilter will remove all the bad stuff from the water including phosphate, which is what creates algae!

It works amazingly!


Sloping your gravel so it is high at the back and low at the front is a good idea if you have an undergravel filter or run plants at the back, but is a bad idea if you have lots of decorations in the tank.

It can allow waste to accumulate at the front of the tank where you can service it, but it is wise to have only a thin layer of gravel if you can`t service the entire bottom of the tank.

Tyson B

I have a wall tank and no matter what I did the fish kept dying, untill I was advised to totally clean out the whole unit! Maybe there was something toxic in there?

Since then my fish are happy as Larry!

Thanks again

I have has a a case of a skinny Angelfish with a bloated belly that keeps floating upside down in the middle of the tank. It is showing a bacterial infection over its head, it is still feeding a little but will swim around a bit then it will go back to floating. Melafix has been added daily for a week, the water quality seems to be OK but the kH level is 1dKH.

Advice from Majestic:

I would continue with the Melafix and ensure there is no carbon in the filter to help surprise the bacterial infection. I would ensure 1gm per litre medicated salt is in the aquarium water, to increase immune system.

I would consider doing a salt bath for 3-5 minutes by mixing 125g into 5lt of water. This may stock the internal osmoregulation of the fish and help the bloating?

I would raise the kH level to 4dKH using a kH generator. I suggest that everyone has a kH test kit. I would not be too hopeful of a good out come because exposure to low kH levels can be likened to a diet without calcium in humans. Carbonate is an essential element for fish so it is important that it is not low for fish in the future or the same thing may happen again.

This is the most common killed of fish in Sydney!

My fish are looking great now think you!


The top 5 reasons why pet fish die!

1. There is no kH in most tap water!
2. Don’t expect that your filter will provide oxygen for the fish and never clean your filter media in tap water!
3. Don’t change more than 25% of the water at a time!
4. Don’t feed too much!
5. Don’t add too many fish too quickly!

Paul Talbot

When you buy a canister filter and take it home don`t forget to take the biomedia out of the plastic bags or the filter will not work! LOL


No matter how experienced you are be very careful when you choose to overdose a product and never do it without measuring it first! It is better to add a regular dose repetitively than to do an over dose which can be dangerous!

I have a 30lt Aquael community tank at home and it looked amazing and all the fish were very happy.
I have been trying to drop the pH lately because it has always been at 7.8 even though I have driftwood and have regularly been adding acid buffer. I have been increasing the dose but the pH still stays at 7.8 and the kH is 3dkH, meanwhile the fish have been very happy.

As I have not been able to get the pH down I decided to try a larger dose by pouring some acid buffer straight into the tank, breaking two of my own rules! Never dose and never add product without measuring it! The result was terrible my lack of care caused the Tetras to die almost straight away! As I realised what happened I started adding Neutral kH to try to correct the pH. I kept adding the Neutral kH until I got the pH near neutral which sent the kH over 20dkH so things are from bad to worse. I then did a 50% water change and the pH was still below 7.0 and the kH was still over 20dkH. At this point the Cory cats died and the Hoplo was in big trouble, while the Pleco looked ok.

If you care about your fish always has everything you need on hand all the time because you never know when you will need it! I am sure that I could have saved the catfish if I had pH up on hand!

Paul Talbot