Every person with an Aqua One all in one style aquarium needs to read this!

Aqua One all in one tanks come with a top filter comprising of a carbon cartridge and noodles media. This style of filter can be very effect if set up correctly. The disadvantage of this system is that if the filter is left to get dirty it is possible for them to clog and over flow water out the back of the unit (mainly with the 126, 510, 620, 620T, 850, 980, 980T units). This is often very deceptive because you can’t see the water creeping out the back and travelling around the plastic edge, the water tends to become visible first in the front corner of the tank, which is the furthest point from the actual place it is leaking. This often makes people think that their tank is leaking when it is not leaking, it is over flowing. This can become overly frustrating when the overflowed water also damages the timber of the aquarium stand!

Also be careful that it is not because of the water splashing back into the tank from the filter. You can have a problem when you keep and water leave too low, just as you can have a problem when the water leave is too high. Keeping the water level about 5mm under the plastic lip seems to work well.

If the aquarium appears to be leaking, first remove the lights and filters and inspect them. You will often find evidence of salt and mineral stains where the water has been over flowing. Most of the time completely cleaning out your filter and ensuring it is not packed up with too much media will stop any leaking problems.

Also most all leaks in an Aqua One tank are a result of dirty filter media or too much media in the filter. The water has to be able to easily flow through media back into the aquarium. Water flowing out of the back of the tank is almost always a result of the media being dirty or clogged and not able to escape back into the aquarium.

It is important to keep all of the plastic surfaces clean and free of salt creep, as the capillary action of water can allow it to siphon over the side.

It is important that these tanks are on a flat, level surface or the water condensation on the top of the tank may keep running to one side. This can cause the water to escape continually at the top, making the aquarium appear to leak. To test if this maybe the case turn off all the pumps and filters and measure from the water level to the top of the tank in each corner, this will allow you to see if it is level.

You can easily test if your aquarium is leaking by turning off your filters and airpumps and making a pen mark on the tank. As long as the filters, pumps and air is not running and you see the water level drop. It helps to enure that you have a lot of Easy-Life in your water for this test. Easy-Life will help keep up your water quality and oxygen levels.

If you still thing the tank is leaking place the fish in an aerated foam box and drain the tank and place it on paper in the garage. Ensuring the floor is level fill the tank with water. If the tank is leaking you will easily see the water wet the paper at the source of the leak. Mark with a permanent pen where the leak is and call your Aqua One supplier ASAP!

It is very rare for an Aqua One aquarium on a flat level surface to leak, it is common if the surface is not level or if the filter and tank is not clean!

I strongly advice that every person using an Aqua One all in one aquarium to upgrade the carbon cartridge to a sheet of Polyfilter. Polyfilter is the world’s best biological and mechanical media and it will not clog. Using this media you will get amazing results, you will not have to pack in as much media and it will not bank up the water and over flow the tank.

I also suggest that you run Reefresh Biological filter media along with your Polyfilter! Reefresh is the best bio-media in the world therefore you do have to cram in so many medium, reducing the chance of overflow.

Keep these points in mind and enjoy your Aqua One aquariums, they really are great units and can capacitate a huge load when run with the right filter medium.

Knowledge is Power!

Good Luck and Enjoy!

Paul Talbot