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1. The silent killer of pet fish is low carbonate hardness known as kH! Most people know about pH but not kH. The kH level of most tap water is zero. Carbonate hardness is an essential element for fish keeping and can be so easily fixed by adding kH buffers to the water. It is important to ensure your water is tested to provide your fish with the correct kH level.  Bring a sample of your water to Majestic Aquariums now for a FREE kH water test!

2. Did you know that cleaning your aquarium filter in tap water may kill your fish! The filter is full of good bacteria that breaks down the waste from your fish. The chlorine in the tap water kills the good bacteria in the filter. To clean your filter media, use water that you have removed from your tank, don’t use tap water! Happy fish need a good filter and plenty of oxygen in the water!

3. Over feeding is one of the biggest killers of pet fish! Did you know that most fish only need to be fed five times a week? With high quality food, such as New Life Spectrum, you will only need to feed the fish what they eat in 30 seconds. High quality food will ensure that your fish are healthier, more vibrantly colourful and the tank will stay cleaner because the fish will produce less waste! Quality food and a healthy environment is the key to keeping happy fish!

4. Never over clean your aquarium! It is better to do small regular cleans than large overhauls that can shock your fish. When you do a water change, use a gravel vacuum siphon to remove the water so you can clean your gravel at the same time and don’t change more than 25% of the water at a once! To reduce your maintenance ask us about Aquarium detox!

5. Do you know that you can reduce your aquarium maintenance by simply using better filter media like Polyfilter.  Polyfilter is the world’s best filter material and it can be used in any aquarium! This unique patented material removes all pollutants including phosphate, which is the cause of algae! It changes colour to indicate what it has removed and it will turn black when it needs to be replaced.

6. Have you ever wondered how to get your aquarium water to be crystal clear? Try Easy-Life fluid filter medium. Easy-Life actually affects the molecular structure of water using minerals not chemicals. It holds all the good, and precipitates all the bad elements out of both fresh and salt water. It accelerates the growth of good bacteria and prevents the growth of bad bacteria. Easy-Life improves and stabilises water quality.

7. Too often people tell me that they had fish but they died! Fish don’t just die; they die for a reason. Your fish, coral and plants should grow, if they are not growing then they are dying and they will only die for 2 reasons, because there is too much of something or there is not enough of something.  It is all about balance. If your fish are not thriving, bring in a sample of your aquarium water for a free water test.

8. The more that you learn about your fish the more you will enjoy your aquarium, so why not grab one of our instructional aquarium DVD’s! Fish are amazing animals, many with complex social structures, intriguing breeding behaviour and exquisite colour! Fish make great pets, especially for people that live in units. An aquarium is the ultimate piece of furniture and is cheaper than water views.

9.  I am regularly called out to solve mystery aquarium problems, where people are losing their fish even though they seem doing the right things and their water tests are all good! The problem is often a lack of oxygen! Make sure that water surface of your aquarium or pond is not flat! You need to ensure your water is agitated because flat water has a high surface tension which limits air exchange! Oxygen is very important to your fish!

10. Majestic Aquariums grade our saltwater fish as 1, 2 or 3 fish! Number 1 fish are very easy to keep in standard aquarium conditions, whereas with number 2’s we find some people are successful while others are not and number 3 fish can be finicky so should only be attempted by the most experienced keepers. This helps you to make the correct choice for fish that suit you.

11. Did you know that white spot is the most common disease effecting aquarium fish? The best way to try to avoid white spot in a is to only introduce new fish if your aquarium has been running successfully and to feed food rich in garlic such and New Life Spectrum Thera A. If your fish do develop white spot we can help you find the cause if you bring a water sample from your tank. There are many good white spot medications available.

12. Aquarium filters use bacteria to break high level fish waste into low level waste. So imagine a media that also eliminates the low level waste, therefor reducing your need for water changes? The long awaited MarinePure media has just been released in Australia! MarinePure is the best biological media on the market and is suitable for all types of aquariums and ponds.

13. Have you had a problem with algae in your aquarium? There is no such thing as an algae problem; there is only a phosphate problem! Algae feeds on phosphate so if your phosphate level is zero for 3 weeks your algae will start to die. If you keep it at zero for another 3 weeks the algae will be all gone! It is that easy! Come down to Majestic Aquariums for a free phosphate test!

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Good Luck and Enjoy!
Paul Talbot