What wait is OVER!
MarinePure is finally here!
What is MarinePure??

MarinePure is a Refugium block made of a cell pore media which offers the perfect place for all different types of bacteria and microorganisms to grow because of its perfect ratios of surface area and void space. It allows the formation of good anaerobic without the bad anoxic bacteria. It is the perfect way to control Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate. These blocks can be placed in a sump or in the back of a tank.

This media is revolutionising aquarium-keeping, making it easier than ever to keep fish!

MarinePure also comes in the form of Refugium Balls that are perfectly designed to make the most advanced media available for a canister filter!

For more information look at http://www.cermedia.com/marinepure.php
MarinePure is released in Australia by Aqua Premium.