It seems that more and more of the major supermarket chains are selling basic fish tank packages. This is great for the industry because it gets people to start keeping fish, but it can be bad for the costumer because these supermarkets carry units that are imported from china and there are NO spare parts available!

We very often hear of customers that have bought these tanks and have happy fish until they need a new pump or light tube, where they are shocked to find that these simple parts are not available at all, anywhere! This means that if anything goes wrong with the tank you have to buy a new tank. At this point most people will switch to a more reliable brand such as Aqua One, where you can easily get the spare parts.

These supermarket tanks also have very small filters and lights so it is very important that you don’t put too much stock in them!

My advice is to save your money and start with a good aquarium, with a good filter and light in the first place which you can get spare parts for!

People often end up paying more for what they though was a cheap tank!