Majestic Aquariums have a comprehensive breeding program with many breeders suppling Majestic Aquariums exclusively with high quality locally bred stock. This assures good quality and keeps more of your money in Australia.

Australia has one of the best environmental conservation programs in the world, enforcing strict,effective guidelines and laws. This ensures the preservation of its fish, corals and waterways. Because of this, Majestic Aquariums prefers where possible to endorse and offer Australian caught fish and only deal with importers with the best reputation.

Majestic Aquariums is totally against the supply of cyanide, dynamite or any other damaging fish collection methods. Majestic Aquariums aim to supply mainly tank or farm bred fish and insist that any collected fish are net caught. Majestic Aquariums take regular trips to suppliers to build relationships and inspect the method of our suppliers, breeders and collectors.

Unfortunately there are still too many greedy and irresponsible people in the industry looking for a quick buck and happy to sell low quality stock, not likely to survive. Majestic Aquariums aims to set the benchmark for safety, morality and quality.

You can see for yourself how our fish are caught by watching the videos on collection in our video page!

If you want the best fish, ask the busiest store!