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Really watch the amount of light you have on the tank. Don`t leave the lights on longer than 10 hours a day and make sure you replace your globes yearly, run zero phosphate or you will get too much algae.

Keon Hey
KDK Designs

With time nitrate will affect fish and increase algae. Make sure you keep your filters clean and use a gravel siphon when you do a water change.

Robert Heidel

Do what you have to to look after your aquarium but don`t mess around with it too much. Sometimes when you just leave it alone it seems to run better.

Nick Sarkis

Make sure you only buy hardy fish and don`t feed them too much - less is more.

John Douglas

If you have a well stocked fish only marine aquarium you really need to ensure that you have a good protien skimmer and lots of biological media. One large fish will produce many times more waste than a smaller one.

Marc Skuse

I place a bit of polyfilter in the filter and replace it when it turns black. It will polish the water like you can`t believe! The polyfilter will remove all the bad stuff from the water including phosphate, which is what creates algae!


Be careful not to have mirco-bubbles in your aquarium! They can get in the blood of the fish and make them sick, as with my Puffer!

Don`t put the venturi on your pumps!


Due to the fact that most fish wholesalors run a salt level of 1.018 and most retail shops run a salt level of 1.020 it is important to drop your salt level before you add new fish! Accumatized fish can handle up to 2 points change per day. Fish can handle going from high salt to low salt much better than they can handle going from low salt to high salt because it is a decrease in osmotic pressure.Once the fish have settled in you can raise the salt level back to make the corals happy again.

Tim Cahill

I had a Lion fish that would only eat live food and I wanted to get it to eat frozen food or pellets so I went to see Paul Talbot at Majestic Aquariums and he told me how to train your fish on to other foods, this was very helpful.

He told me to get the live fish in my hand and tap on the top of the tank, then raise my hand up in the air and throw the fish into the water. What this does is reprogram the fish to trigger its feeding responce to your movement, instead of the movement of the fish. Once the fish is feeding well using this action you can start to use frozen food, then go from frozen to pellet food using the same action. Thanks to this advice my Lionfish are happy eating Spectrum pellets now and my tank is cleaner and my hobby is cheaper!

Elvis S

I have found that it is very important to focus on ensuring the debris does not accumulate at the back off the reef!

Over time I have found that any crashes that my aquarium had experianced has been due to dead spots which have built up in the back of the tank!

My tank is running amazing well now that I focus on keeping the back of the reef clean. I have found that products like Polyfilter and Lysofoss have been very helpful!

I find it so much better if you focus on directing your water flow to the top, for gass exchange.

Fred Dowe

Never leave your algae magnet in the tank or coralline algae will build up and it will scratch the tank when you use it, which stucks when you have a brand new amazing tank!


Carbon will release phosphate, which will increase algae, I use Polyfilter now and my tank is alot better!


Be very careful what you put in your tank because I had a boxfish that died and wiped out some of my other fish too. When they die they can release a nerotoxin!

The more you learn about each fish the better, at least I knew the risk.


In a reef tank it is important that your water is crystal clear or the corals will receieve a reduced spectrum and intensity.

To test the colour of the water place water in a white bucket and see what colour the water is or place a white plate half in the water of the tank to see any discolour.

Do get rid of water colour such as Gilvin tint use Polyfilter.