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It is worth building your pond above the ground using a glass panel, so you can also view your fish from the side. It really gives the pond extra dimension. It is worth the extra cost!

Jarrod Sharp

Watch your pH and kH, it will fall over time. It sneeks up on you and you don`t notice until your fish start to die.

Just don`t overload or overfeed your pond!

Don`t add fish in winter!

Peter Halloran

Having lots of water flow is soo important in a garden pond! I did everything to get my pond clear, but nothing worked! After one visit from Paul Talbot he advised to increase my water flow and the pond has been perfect ever since!

Neil Tooze

I did everything to get rid of string algae in my pond. I spent money getting people to come and fix it but it kept growing. I told Paul Talbot at Majestic and he said increase the waterflow, add Algaefix test kH and I am soo happy because it is now all gone.

Thank you again!

I got millions of tiny black bugs growing in colonies in my pond, mainly in the waterfalls and pipes.

Majestic told me that they are Black Fly Larvae and they can be removed by hand or killed using Paragon or Para Ex.


I place a bit of polyfilter in the filter or in the water of the pond and replace it when it turns black.

The polyfilter will remove all the bad stuff from the water including phosphate, which is what creates algae!

It works amazingly!


DO NOT run the tap straight into the pond! The chlorine and other things in the tap water will kill the bacteria in the system and poison the fish! You MUST treat the water in a bucket with ager before you add it to the pond. If you have to treat the pond with ager you have to treat the whole pond.

If you add chlorine in the pond it may take up to a week before problems seem to occur.

Richard T

Make sure that you clean out the impellors in your pumps by pulling them out and cleaning them or your pump will have a short life!


Make sure that you clean the internal glass sleeve of your UV every 6 months and replace the tube every 18th to keep your pond nice and clean.


Make sure that you have lots of water flow in your pond! You will find your fish are happier and the water cleaner and healthier!

If you have green water first increase the amount of oxygen in the water, this will lower the CO2 and reduce algae!

I love my Pond!

Ron C

If you are getting algae in your pond and your UV tube does not need replacing, be sure to totally pull apart and clean out the quartz sleeve. This should be cleaned a couple of times a year because a build up will stop the light from penertating the water in the unit.


For many years I have done 20-25% water changes in my pond without using water ager. I know that I have been told this is a bad idea but it seemed to work. What I did not know is that chlorine and other chemicals are added to the water supply to a maximum when the level goes down to a minimum.
This is why you can smell chlorine in the water sometimes and not other times. This means that your fish are at risk depeneding on when the chemicals are added.

I found this out the hard way because I just did a normal change on my pond and lost many of my fish.

My advice now is DO NOT TAKE THAT CHANCE! Always add water ager!


Servicing your fountain pump is so much easier if you adapt a sponge that picks up the water at the side of the pond where it is easy to clean.

Make sure your pond has a good swirling water current so you can see the particles move in the water. Make sure your filter pump is a dirty run pump and place it where the waste collects.

Don`t run a filter on a fountain pump!


“According to BBC news, the world`s oldest goldfish was a comet by the name of Tish. Having achieved fame late in life , he died at the age of 43 peacefully in his bowl. He was won as a prize by a 7 year old named Peter Hand at a funfair in Yorkshire, England in 1956. Tish was later taken care of by his parents, Hilda and Gordon Hand, who considered Tish a part of the family. Tish faded to a silver grey later in his old age and was officially recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the world`s oldest captive goldfish. Tish took over the title of longest living captive goldfish from Worthing, another goldfish who died in 1980 at the age of 41.”


If you get a fish with a kink in its back, make up a solution of Bloat ex and leave the fish in it for 3 hours, it works a treat for me!