Majestic Aquariums does annual Aquarium and Pond Tours which will be held on a Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

This is a great chance to get to know other hobbyists, gather new ideas, learn a lot and have a great time. Spend the day with Paul Talbot and visit some of the best aquariums in Sydney. At each house you will have a chance to speak with the owner of each of these magnificant aquariums and hear advice from Paul Talbot.

2009 tours dates yet to be released.

In the 7 hour tours you will:

  • 10am meet at house 1
  • 10.40am depart for house 2
  • 11am arrive at house 2
  • 11.40am depart for house 3
  • 12am arrive at house 3
  • 12.40am depart for house 4
  • 1pm arrive at house 4
  • 1.30pm sausage sandswich lunch
  • 2.40pm depart for house 5
  • 3pm arrive at house 5
  • 3.40pm depart for house 6
  • 4pm arrive at house 6
  • 5pm leave for home

Please let us know if you are driving and if you will have spare seats in your car or if you need to arrange a lift. If you are not driving please meet at Majestic Aquariums at 9.30am.

To be included in a tour you must book and pre-pay $25 (including lunch) so we can secure numbers and alert the home owner. For more information please contact

If you have a beautiful aquarium and would be proud to show it off and talk about it, please email photos of your tank to for selection.