Bring in a water sample to the store so we can do our 20 point health check for you for FREE (valued at $29).

Surface agitation (bubbles or water pump) –

Filter flowing –

Filter media cleaned monthly in water from the tank (not from the tap) –

25% water change monthly using gravel cleaner –

Replace Biochem Zorb every 3 months –

Replace Phosban every 2 months–

Lights on no more than 10 hours a day –

Light tubes replaced every 9 months –

Supplements, trace elements or fertilizers added –

Fish fed spectrum, what they can eat in 30 second 5 times per week –

All fish (and coral) compatible –

pH –

kH –

Ammonia –

Nitrite –

Nitrate –

Calcium –

Phosphate –

Temperature –

Salt level (Marine only) –

To redeem this great special over the counter at Majestic Aquariums you must print out this page and present it at the time of purchase.

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