Be very careful from who you buy product from online because here at Majestic Aquariums we are being confronted more and more regularly by people that have bought product online and have been very unhappy with the product or service!

We hear of people not being able to get faulty products replaced or they have to pay large amounts of freight to return it or they are unable to get spare parts for what they have bought. Other people become frustrated if they are unable to understand or use what they have bought due to lack of personal support, these people end up becoming very embarrassed and bringing it down to the store and asking for our help even though they have not purchased it from us, which we are happy to do to help out!

Most internet companies are a 1 man backyard operation, that are able to offer low pricing due to low over heads and service. In most cases they do it as a second job or a hobby in the hope of earning a few extra bucks.

In many cases they display a huge range of products but actually carry very little stock! When you need a product they simply buy it and sell it to you, which can be a problem when you have paid for it and their supplier is out of stock for several weeks or months.

Many of these people are very happy to get your sale but they can be very hard to get hold of if you have a problem. They often don’t leave a phone number and have no shop front address so you have to rely on email communication which can be very frustrating if they choose to start ignoring your email.

In other cases they import product directly from China, some doesn’t even pass Australian standard’s so would be void on your insurance! I have heard stories of internet companies receiving claims against them so they close the business and start again under a similar name and redirect the traffic!

These people do considerable damage to the integrity of the industry!

In an attempt to provide our customers with service and products that you can trust, at a price that you can afford Majestic Aquariums will match all internet prices (conditions apply).

Email us your enquiries any time!