Majestic Aquariums stock a very large range of fresh and salt water fish, plants and coral but also offer you a fish wish list. To complete a fish wish list simply send us an email with your details and the fish you wish to get. We will return that email with the likely availability and price of the fish on your list. Due to our huge network of contacts this fish wish list is a great way for you to get hold of rare or exotic species not commonly found. If you want the best fish, ask the busiest store! Due to the fact that most of our suppliers run low salt levels we suggest you run your salt level at about 1.020 when you add new fish. We suggest that you raise your salt level to 1.024 over time if you run coral and are not adding new fish. Check out our huge range of fish! Please send us am email if you want to get different numbers of the fish to that which are available on this site? We can arrange anything that you need, in any numbers! If you know you can get the same fish some where else, send us an email and we will look at matching it for you! Will will do what ever we can to keep our customers happy and coming back! What can we do for you?