Some fish are much easier to keep than others. Knowing this is important information when selecting fish for your aquarium. We have found that some fish adapt very well to aquarium life and seem to thrive for even the most novice aquarium-keepers as long as they are offered adequate conditions while other fish don’t seem to do well even if they are taken by the most experience aquarist and placed in a healthy environment.

To make it easy for everyone to make the correct decision, Majestic Aquariums has placed a fish rating before the name of every fish for sale within our tanks.

A number 1 fish is a hardy fish that will do well for most people.

A number 2 fish is a less hardy fish that will do well for some people and not for others, even if they are offering good conditions.

A number 3 fish is a fish that should only be attempted by an experienced hobbyist and is not expected to do well for most people.