Please email us feedback on any product that you have tired!

Aqua Clear power heads are amazing but ensure that you don`t add the inlet cone to the inlet unless you hook it up to an undergravel filter pipe, because it can create a vacuum which can suck onto the fish!


Polyfilter and Easylife are amazing!

It is a must to every person with a tank!


Brightwell Supplements give me the most amazing results! My corals have never looked so good! Thank you!

Russ W

I love my Red Sea Max 250! With a good chiller it makes coral keeping soooo easy!


Don`t buy supermarket or NO-name brands, because they are rubbish when you can`t get parts for it!

Stevie E

Ad Konings Cichlid books are amazing! The more you learn the more you love these fish!


I got your DVD set before I started up this hobby & find them fantastic. I recommend them to every one.



A nitrate test kit will fail positive and may only last 6 months, most test kits will last 12-18 months.

Russ F

EasyLife is an amazing product! Any time that I get a sick fish I dose up the tank with Easylife and they come good in days!

Jane Howe

Hi Guys, just wanted to say thanks for the 20 kg of live rock and the exceptional service today. Both were great, and I have to say the live rock looked even better in my tank and under lights Hope fully see you again once the tank cycles, and I start looking at livestock and other accessories.

Cheers Ken

I have been keeping a heavily over stocked AR-620 Goldfish tank for 3 years now. Due to the huge amount of fish in the tank, I have to do a 20% water change twice a week and clean the filter weekly because my water becomes green and dirty. I also have to regularly increase the pH and kH levels because they fall so fast. The tank has lots of oxygen and matrix in the filter and the fish are all healthy but it is a lot of work.

I just wanted to let you know that 8 weeks ago I purchased some Polyfilter to go in my top filter.

Since I have added Polyfilter to the tank the tank has remained crystal clear and the water quality is always stable even though I have not done any water changes in this time.

I can’t believe how good this product is!

I would never run another tank again without using this product!

I would suggest that everyone tries Polyfilter!

Thank you for selling it to me!