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Regular small water changes are the key to my aquarium running well, but large water changes will spark them to breed. I do my small weekly changes, then when I let my female Frontosa fatten up I do a large water change using lots of African salt and they breed for me.

Scott Bird

Get the Cichlid DVD, it really helped me. There is always a dominant fish so you must make sure it is not too aggressive and ensure that you have lots of fish and many places for them to hide.

Michael Farrow

Fish do die of old age! If your cichlid is over 4 years old and it becomes sick it is most likely because it is old. Old fish get weak and die from a range of problems.

Jarrod Sharp

I place a bit of polyfilter in the filter and replace it when it turns black.

The polyfilter will remove all the bad stuff from the water including phosphate, which is what creates algae!

It is amazingly how it polishes the water!

My tank is so clean!