Volume – 60lt or more

Oxygen – High surface agitation with strong water pumps.

Water flow - 14 times per hour water flow

Water quality - pH 8.4, Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Temperature 25’C, salinity 1.023

Water changes – at least suggest 20% per month.

Biological filter media – Marine Pure, because it will not create nitrate.

Mechanical/chemical filter media – We suggest Polyfilter to polish the water.

Conditioner – Easy-life should be added to stabilize all new water

Feeding – New Life Spectrum Thera A maximum of what they can each in 30sec

DVD – we suggest you watch the instructional Marine DVD by Paul Talbot before keeping these fish.

Behaviour – These fish are often more active at night, they love to live in groups and love to be kept in a heavily stocked tank.

Introduction – Must be acclimatised. Don’t introduce new fish unless that old ones have been healthy for 4 weeks

If you are ever worried about your fish bring a jar of water into Majestic Aquarium and any photos of the tank and fish, so we can accurately advise you.