What to do if you get Ammonia!

Why do you get Ammonia?

Ammonia is a result of inadequate levels of good, healthy bacteria in the filter that are able to break down the fish waste.

If you have ammonia you have done one of these:

• You feed too much

• You have cleaned your filter media in tap water

• You have replaced filter media

• You have added too many fish at once

• You have too many fish

• You have disturbed your gravel that has dead spots formed in it over time

• Ammonia can be created if there is not enough oxygen in the system

Ways to fix it:

• Add bacteria products such as Bactamax – to increase bacteria level

• 25% water change using gravel cleaner daily till good – to dilute it

• Clean filter using water from the tank not water from the tap

• Increase salt to at least 1g per litre – to increase fish immune system

• 5 time dose Prime daily till good – to detox it

• Stop feeding till water quality improves

• Replace Poly-filter

• Dose Easylife

• Increase oxygen


Good luck & enjoy,

Paul Talbot