Stop Shark Finning!

Majestic Aquariums have launched a new website!

Stop Shark Finning is a project Majestic Aquariums has taken on, as we believe it is vital to protect sharks from human practices such as shark finning which threaten their survival. Our mission is to promote shark conservation worldwide through knowledge, passion and action. 

We envision a world without shark finning. 

We envision a world where human practices demonstrate an understanding of and respect for marine ecosystems and their preservation while gaining sustenance for human beings. 

We think forward to a time when people will see our connect to the shark and the importance of creating a healthy, balanced marine ecosystem for both the species within it and for ourselves.

We imagine generations ahead enjoying the abundance of resources and beauty of the oceans. 

So join with us at Majestic Aquariums to stop shark finning!