Reef Care Program




Instructions for converting to NO


3:PO4-X from POand NO3

absorbers and sulfur based de-nitrators

The following instructions are in addition to the general instructions for NO




-X contained in the Algae Control user manual.

Micro-biological reduction of algae nutrients (nitrates & phosphates) occur naturally in all anoxic areas of the aquarium (inside live rocks, porous filter media and substrates). This bacterial activity is limited by the availability of nitrates & phosphates, suitable carbon sources and mineral co-factors.

In a system where nitrates & phosphates have been regularly absorbed by resins, there will be a lower than normal background level of the natural nitrate & phosphate reducing bacteria and therefore it will take longer for these bacteria colonies to develop than in a system that was not previously treated.

The cultivation process of the bacteria is much slower than the absorption rate and therefore like many other changes made to the delicate system, moving from absorbers to bacterial reduction of the algae nutrients, requires a gradual and controlled procedure that will increase the success and reduce the stress for the corals. Sudden removal of all of absorption media can lead to an undesired rise in algae nutrient concentrations for several days.

The recommended procedure for conversion is based on a gradual weekly reduction in the quantity of the absorption media in the system together with a daily dosage of NO




3:PO4-X and constant monitoring of the algae nutrient levels. If you are removing both nitrate and phosphate absorption media simultaneously dose the NO3:PO4

-X according to the removal of phosphate media.