Looking after Land Hermit Crabs

These interesting little animals make great pets for kids; they are easy to keep, they get along well with each other and can be handled by the kids. Handling the crabs should be limited because it does stress the animal.

They are best kept in an aquarium with plenty to climb on, over a substrate of kitty litter. The Kitty litter will help stop the animals from smelling. It is also a good idea to sprinkle Lysofoss across the bottom of the tank; the special bacteria in Lysofoss will help to keep the tank clean!

Ensure the tank is not kept in direct sunlight and avoid all extremes of temperature. They will seem to hibernate if the tank is too cold and will die if it is too hot. There should be a lid on the tank to increase humidity.

You need to provide a shallow bowl of freshwater for them to drink and a shallow bowl of salt water for them to bath in. Be sure to replace this water at least weekly. Water ager should be added to any tap water and use natural salt water or salt for marine fish to make up the saltwater, not regular salts.

I find the best food to feed them is New Life Spectrum pellets. Dry eggshell pieces and cuttlefish bone is a good source of calcium for them, also feeding fresh fruits and vegetables can be good.

Don’t handle them when they are moulting because they will be weak and shy. Provide larger shells for them to move into as they grow. They will hide while they are moulting and will grow after they moult.

If there is too much size difference in the animals they can attack each other. They love to have a little walk around out side the tank as long as it is safe you are watching.

Good luck and enjoy,

Paul Talbot