Liquid Vitamins

Why do you need to replace vitamins?

• Many organisms in the aquarium use vitamins that they filter out of the water. These vitamins help the organisms e.g. corals to carry out functions such as growth and healing.

• The vitamins must be replaced as they are used or the organisms may suffer.

• Some vitamins are lost through filtration e.g. protein skimmers and activated carbon.

• Some corals like sponges used to be hard to keep and would often die until we started to use vitamins.

• Ozone breaks vitamins down so if you run ozone, use double doses of vitamins.


How do you replace vitamins?

• Some vitamins are added to the tank when you feed the fish.

• Water changes help to replenish them (if not filtered with R.O units).

• There are many chemicals available to target replenishing various vitamins.

• There are multi-purpose solutions available that are easy and effective to use.

• If you start using vitamins in your established tank ensure that you start on very light doses and slowly progress to the recommended doses.


Good luck & enjoy,

Paul Talbot