Keeping your Fighting Fish warm this Autumn & Winter

As the colder months are approaching, keep an eye on your Fighting Fish!

Siamese fighters come from tropical climates, where temparatures rarely drop below 18C. Colder temperatures put them into 'hibernation' mode, where they slow down and even stop eating to conserve energy. If you have noticed your fish exhibiting this behaviour and do not heat it's water, it may die from the continual stress of low temperatures.

in other words, get a heater - quick! A small 50w heater is usually ideal for the size of tank most Fighters require. They are inexpensive and keep tankwater warm enough for your Fighter. Aim for 25C.

Additionally, keeping your fighter in a warmer room in your house, but away from any direct sunlight, can help to keep tank temperatures at the right level. 

Here are some other tips for keeping your Fighter happy and healthy:

•    Clean tank with an aquarium safe sponge.

•    Change 25% of the water per week after stirring gravel.

•    Never change more than 1/2 of the water at a time.

•    Feed a maximum of what they can eat in 30sec - ensure that you can`t see one spec after 30sec - once a day, in the morning, 6 times per week.

•    Feed New Life Spectrum pellets  as they are the best, healthiest and cleanest food on the market.

•    Only one person is allowed to feed to prevent overfeeding.

•    Add 1 teaspoon aquarium salt per 5lt of the tank to boost their immune system.  

•    Test pH weekly keep it 7.0. If ph blue add 1 teaspoon of yellow powder. If ph yellow do water change. Aim to have a green to greeny-blue pH.

•    Carbonate Hardness must be present between 80 – 150ppm. This must be tested using a KH test kit.

•    Add double dose of Easy-life water ager to any tap water to remove chlorine, contaminants and improve water quality.

•    Never clean gravel or your filter in tap water. It contains chlorine, which kills bacteria. No bacteria, no fish.

•    Lack of bacteria will create cloudy water.

•    Place a bit of polyfilter in the water of the tank and replace it when it turns black. The polyfilter will remove all the bad stuff from the water including phosphate which is what creates algae!

•    Light only on when fish are being viewed, MAX 8 HOURS.

•    Use a bucket or container which is only used for the fish water and avoid contact with detergents.

•    Fighters live about a year in the wild.

Good luck & enjoy,
Paul Talbot