How is your fish behaving?

Why is my fish gasping?

• The oxygen level in the tank may be too low.

• The fish may be stressed.

• The water quality may be unacceptable.

• The temperature may be incorrect.

• The fish may have a gill infection or parasite.

Why is my fish rubbing against the rocks?

This is a sign that something is irritating the body slim on the fish, often due to :

• Bad water chemistry.

• Incorrect salt levels.

• It may have a parasitic or bacterial infection.


Why does my fish hide a lot?

• It is natural for some species to hide a lot simply because they are shy.

• Some fish will hide because they are stressed or sick.

• Some fish are nocturnal.

• Fish will hide in order to stay out of view of other fish that may be more aggressive and may attack them if they are seen.


Why does my fish swim erratically?

• Some fish are just naturally very active and should therefore be kept in large tanks.

• They can do this if they are stressed.

• It may have intestinal worms.

• This can be a sign of a drug caught fish.


Why does my fish go crazy when I turn on the light?

• Some fish are sensitive to the sudden light, if this is the case ensure that the room light is on for a couple of minutes before the aquarium lights go on.

• If you have several tubes on the tank you may have to switch on one light at a time to minimize this stress.

• This genially only a problem if the fish is stressed anyhow


Why is my fish floating?

• This means the fish has a damaged swim bladder or buoyancy system.

• Bad water, diet or fighting may contribute to the problem.

• It is not curable, only time will tell what is to come of it.

• It can be better to kill the fish because it often becomes stressed and contracts contagious diseases that may affect the other fish.


Why do my fish seem to die after a month?

• Examine water quality because decreased quality water is the main reason for this.

• Ensure other fish aren’t harassing the fish.

• After anything as long as 1 to 3 months a fish caught with cyanide stops feeding, become very thin and sometimes swim aimlessly in circles and die but maintains full colour.

Good luck & enjoy,

Paul Talbot