Aquariums are beautiful, but keeping them beautiful requires regular maintenance and attention. Get the kids involved from the beginning and you not only save yourself a little time and effort, but allow them to reap the benefits of the fantastic hobby that is fish-keeping!

Fish fascinate kids, and they love to feed them. Instruct them on how to feed your fish and how often, especially as they get a little older, and you'll give them a sense of responsibility for their pets. Making it a habit to feed the fish at a particular time, for example when they come home from school, decreases the likelihood of your children forgetting to feed them.

Helping you carry out water changes and tank cleaning will teach your children the importance of correct pet care and how to keep their beautiful fish happy and healthy. They will know there is no point in having fish if you do not take care of them, and will want to help you.

Get your kids to research fish they would like to keep. This keeps them interested in their fish, and willing to help take care of them. And when it comes time to buy them, bring your children down to Majestic Aquariums! Not only will the diversity of fish amaze them, but they will feel part of the process from start to finish.

Bring a water sample down to us and you can test your water for free while your children watch the water in the test tubes change colour!

Getting them involved in redecorating an old tank will also be great for stimulating their creativity. Allow their imagination to run wild by asking for their ideas on a new look.

However you get them involved, they will be having fun and feel proud of their pets. Meanwhile, you'll have a little more time to simply enjoy your tank. Isn't that what it's all about?