Aquariums are good for your health!

If you didn't know it already as an aquarium hobbyist yourself, aquariums are actually good for your health!

Whether freshwater or saltwater, sitting and watching your aquarium fish going about their daily business is great for your stress levels. Numerous studies have shown that watching aquarium fish can make you feel calm and reduce feelings of anxiety. Perhaps that is why so many doctor's waiting rooms have aquariums!

Other studies suggest these results also extend to the elderly and children. Studies that have been conducted on seniors who were provided with an aquarium had a surprising drop in blood pressure levels. Alzheimer’s patients, when exposed to watching a fish tank, not only showed greater appetites which reduced their dependency on supplements, but also displayed less physically aggressive behaviour in their daily activities. Additionally, studies involving children demonstrated that children that watched fish swimming displayed a calmer nature, even children who suffer from hyperactivity disorders.

So gather the whole family round the fish tank and chances are you'll all feel much better!