Majestic Aquariums and Aquael presents the Fish for a friend incentive!

When you share your passion for aquarium keeping with your friends, everyone enjoys it! This really is a hobby that needs to be shared!  Just think how much pleasure this hobby has brought to you and your family over the years!

Majestic Aquariums and Aquael would like to reward you for sharing your love for this hobby with your friends and are proud to invite you to be a part of our ‘Fish for a friend’ program!


Fish keeping can provide people with a huge amount of fun, interest, pride and relaxation. We want to make it easy and rewarding for you to help your friends buy an Aquael Tank from Majestic Aquariums!


As a big thank you for helping your friends get started in this wonderful hobby, on behalf of Aquael and Majestic Aquariums, we will give you 10% and your friend 10% of the total sale price containing any Aquael tank bought at Majestic Aquariums! You and you friend will be paid in credit on your customer account at Majestic Aquariums! That money can be spent on any product or service offered by Majestic Aquariums at the displayed retail price on subsequent visits.


  • Once you have encouraged your friend to get an Aquael Aquarium from Majestic Aquariums, you send an email to containing your friend name, which tank they are interested in?
  • Your friend’s reward can be redeemed on their next visit to Majestic Aquariums.
  • The email notification must be received prior to the friend coming to the store unless you are present at the time of the purchase.
  • Your friend must initially say “I’m here for the Fish for a friend incentive” to get the reward.
  • The reward is 10% of the total sale price at displayed retail price of your friend’s first order only, which includes any Aquael tank in that sale (any other products or fish purchased on that same sale are included, including prepayments).
  • This offer is only valid on any purchase containing an Aquael tank in the purchase.
  • Once you know your friend has purchased the aquarium, email us your friends name and what they purchased to so we can check and add the credit on your account so you can spend it!

Share the passion, save money on your hobby and enjoy it more with our ‘Fish for a friend’ incentive!