1.  Tangs have a vegetarian based diet so you should not feed them too much high protein foods such as Bloodworms or they may become too aggressive. 

2.  Tangs are great for controlling algae in the tank and will eat a range of high quality frozen foods but for best results feed predominantly Thera A Spectrum pellets. 

3.  It is best to add any Tangs that you want at the same time to reduce territorial disputes. 

4.  If you do get territorial issues it is a good idea to rearrange the tank and disorientate your existing fish. 

5.  It is best to add them when they are small so they can sort out their hierarchy young. 

6.  The more similar they look to each other the more likely it is they will fight. 

7.  When you first introduce them they may fight for the first few days until the hierarchy is set, after that they are likely to get along. 

8.  They have skin and not scales and are prone to white spot so make sure you feed them a diet high in garlic, such as Thera A Spectrum! 

9.  It is best to settle them into a quarantine tank for 4 weeks run with a low dose of copper before they are introduced to the main display tank. 

10.  If you don’t have a quarantine tank introduce them to your tank while you are running a lower salinity 1.020 to decrease osmotic pressure. 

11.  Find out first what level the Tang is to keep because some are very hard to keep such as the Achilles Tang while others are very easy to keep such as the Yellow Tang. 

12.  They do best in a busy tank and some species prefer to be kept in a group. 

13.  Tangs have razor sharp spines at the base of their tail so take care when handling them! 
Though some are challenging to keep they are well worth the effort as they are some of the most beautiful fish on the planet! 

Good luck and enjoy 

Paul Talbot