Mazarra Mount Package A

Mount Package A

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Mazarra Mount Package A


Maxspect Mazarra Mounting Kit


Mazarra Mounting Package A

Product Highlights:
 1. Versatile: An exapandable mounting option with many different configurations to mount and position the Marazza LED modules with ultimate flexibilty.
 2. Sleek: Clean looking hardware that blends in with the Marazza LED modules.
 3. Heavy-Duty: All rails are made of a black anodized aluminum to provide a sturdy base for the Marazza.

Product Specifications:
 - Compatible With: Maxspect Marazza LED Modules
 - Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty

Product Includes:
 Mazarra Package A
 - 2x 9.4_ Tank Mount Brackets; for rims as wide as 3/4"

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