Maxspect R420R LED 160w

Maxspect R420R LED 160w

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Maxspect Razor LED Lighting

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Maxspect Razor LED Lighting

Latest in LED Technology 

Utilizing the latest high performance high intensity Cree XLampÆ XT-E and XP-E LED chips, equipped with 90∞ degrees optics, the R420r (Razor) will consume less power yet producing more PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) for even your most demanding corals.


The R420r Lighting system is designed to be primarily cooled passively, the body of the R420r is crafted entirely in aluminum, serving as a large heat sink, together with an ingenious aerodynamic design, cool air is channeled through the bottom of the fixture and heat will be dissipated through the aluminum chassis. With a built-in temperature controlled system, active cooling will be engaged as needed to ensure optimized performance. 

Photo-period Profile 

With 6 Time-Points, users can program their own photo-period for their aquariums, fully control the intensity of light their aquarium will receive from dawn to dusk.

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