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„I have been keeping aquariums all of my life and I have always been amazed how many people spend so much money on beautiful fish yet they do such an ordinary job decorating their aquarium! I hate the look of plastic ornaments so I am forever searching for prize display rocks, but am always discouraged by the price for prize pieces of natural rock. I have recently come across Premium Aqua Rocks at Majestic Aquariums, they are amazing! They look exactly like an amazing prize display rock, expect it is man made! These rocks are hand made in Australia and you can not tell the difference between them and a natural rock because they are made of all natural materials. These rocks look like they are too good to be true, because they are, LOL! Premium Aqua Rocks will never scratch or crack your tank because they are light weight so will float when you first place it in the water, simply hold it underwater until the bubbles escape from the air holes in which time it will always sink. Peter Hancock”

- Peter Hancock

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