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„Hi Paul, The BiUbe looks absolutely stunning in my lounge room. Completely happy with my purchase and I can tell you my fish are also happy in their new home. Thanks so much.. Many friends have commented on it`s unique style. I have added a few white clouds and my fighting fish looks absolutely stunning when he swims around... I think he is Heaven considering he was in a 2.5L bowl previously!! I`m just thankful that I found you guys on the internet as the only other place I`ve seen the reef one tanks are overseas.. so thanks again! Kind Regards Ursula”

- Ursula

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African Cichlids




























































1 x Puulu Zebra 5cm








1 x Tropheus Bemba





10 x Tropheus Bemba




1x OB Aulonocara 6cm







4 x 6 bar Frontosa 4cm



4 x Frontosa 4cm $160








6 x Albino Zebra











































6 x Puulu Zebra 5cm



6 x Red Peacock 5cm



6 x Rubin Red Peacock




6 x Tangerine Peacock






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