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„We stumbled upon your website and loved it and saw the seminar info on the majestic aquariums site and thought it was good to attend. We`ve had a smallish marine tank for around 4 years and learnt so much from your website. And also had to laugh at some of the things you mention that we have experienced over the years and when we heard it from you, wished we had found your site earlier, eg. anenomes moving around the tank and getting sucked into the powerhead and poisoning the tank, that was fun. We are from the Central Coast and although it`ll be a drive we think it is worth it to come to your seminars. Kind regards Amanda”

- Amanda

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African Cichlids




























































1 x Puulu Zebra 5cm








1 x Tropheus Bemba





10 x Tropheus Bemba




1x OB Aulonocara 6cm







4 x 6 bar Frontosa 4cm



4 x Frontosa 4cm $160








6 x Albino Zebra











































6 x Puulu Zebra 5cm



6 x Red Peacock 5cm



6 x Rubin Red Peacock




6 x Tangerine Peacock






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